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Our career counsellors are inclined to help your child take the most important decision of his/her life.
We help you select the right career and bright future for your child.

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Career Counselling and Guidance is done in four steps:

Step 1: Career Assessment.

We conduct three standardized tests for career assessment.

DBDA for Aptitude Test: Aptitude is innate tendencies. One needs to know one’s aptitude before choosing one’s career. Aptitude plays a predominant role in making the right career choice. Individuals differ in their aptitude. One person might be strong in numerical reasoning while another in verbal skills. Aptitude cannot be changed. Career chosen according to one’s aptitude brings success and happiness.

CIS for Interest Assessment: The “Interest Inventory” that you complete is a powerful tool that can further help you make satisfying decisions about your career and education. Interests tend to develop because of our exposure to varying experiences and also in relation to different talents. Through our education, reading, watching television, we get a second hand experience of different forms of work; thus being drawn to some more than others.

MBTI for Personality Assessment: Every career demands certain personality characteristics. A person’s suitability for a particular career depends on his ability to adapt, adjust and enjoy the nature of work environment he is in. Understanding personality helps select the right work environment for greater job satisfaction.

Step 2

The results of these tests are analyzed and a comprehensive Report is prepared. The Report describes in detail the area in which the child has an aptitude and interest. It also describes the child’s personality and then provides a complete Career Road Map indicating the suitable stream of study for the child and the suitable career options. In the end, the Report provides guidelines for competitive exams, colleges and available courses as per the aptitude and interest of the child.

Step 3

One-to-one discussion is conducted with the parent and counselling is done for the child to help him make up his mind for the right stream selection and decide on the right career options.

Step 4

Our career counsellors are available on phone and through emails in case the child needs any help in career counselling and selection even in future, free of cost.

Why Career Counselling and Assessment?

  • Identify career options consistent with your aptitude and interests
  • Choose appropriate training relevant to your aptitude and interests
  • Understand aspects of your personality most closely associated with your interests
  • Decide on a focus, for the future.

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