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Through CCS we endeavor to enhance human potential!

Corporate Counseling Services

CCS (corporate counselling service) proposes an innovative concept oriented towards employee empowerment, personal engagement and responsibility in matters of health and lifestyle. CCS (Corporate Counseling Service) aims to improve engagement levels of employees by providing Employee Assistance Programs, to help employees deal with issues at workplace and in their personal lives through counselling services.

1. Awareness Building sessions and Health Seminars for employees

Trainings for Employees on a broad range of health and lifestyle related issues. Raising Awareness through corporate workshops and sessions for employees and their family:

a. Handling emotions with focus on Anger management: a. Being assertive, handling emotions of self, dealing with different personality traits.

b. Inculcate value for time and orienting towards life goal:b. Managing self and managing time. The art of prioritizing, practical techniques of self management.

c. Dealing with negative situations, failures and Stress:c. The art of de-stressing yourself, diet and nutrition, fitness and alertness and stress management.

d. Personal grooming, etiquettes and table manners:d. Creating lasting impression, right dressing sense, dining etiquette, dos and don’ts of etiquette.

e. Building self-awareness and self-motivation: e. Removing shyness, building confidence, preparing self to face the competitive world

f. Developing good interpersonal skills and group behaviour: f. Developing conversational skills, art of public speaking, the art of socializing.

2. Personality development classes, career counselling workshops and activities for employees’ children and Parenting sessions for employees’ family

a. Dealing with growing-up and relationship issues:a. Dealing with peer pressure, balancing and handling peer groups, building relationship with parents, family and dealing with boy/girl issues.

b. Teaching study techniques and study skills: Handle exam anxiety, the art of de-stressing, confidence building with corporate counseling services

c. Guiding and orienting towards right career choice: Knowing one’s aptitude, interest and personality and teaching techniques for right career selection, career awareness and knowledge

d. Developing good lifestyle and health: Diet and nutrition, fitness and alertness, hygiene and disciplined life

e. Handling emotions and negative situations, developing negotiation skills, decision making skills and providing assertiveness training

3. One-to-one Counselling to meet life challenges:

These are employer-sponsored programs specifically designed to alleviate and assist in eliminating a variety of workplace problems. The source of these problems can either be work-related or personal including:

Anxiety and depression Stress and insomnia
Various addictions Marital problems
Parenting issues Emotional problems
Health and lifestyle issues Financial concerns

Face-to-face counselling and confidential telephonic counselling is done for problems such as:Depression, Anxiety, Loneliness, Family Relations, Addictions, Parenting Issues, Work-Life balance, Adjustment Issues, Stress, Insomnia, Marital Discord and many more.

Counselling services are the means for the companies to be able to provide their staff with access to counselling and related services, while also maintaining the confidentiality and privacy that are the cornerstones of any counselling relationship.

4. Assessment

When an employee works less well than usual, you often assume that there are hidden personal problems or issues. The impact of ill-health does not show up explicitly on a company's balance sheet. And yet, these conditions, which are becoming more prevalent in almost all workforces, impose a heavy cost burden on companies. Substantial cost savings can be achieved by keeping people healthy,

Assessment is done in the areas of: Emotional intelligence, Intelligence, Personality, Stress, Depression, Work orientation, Anxiety level, Self-esteem, etc.


Organisations that invest in their staff's all-round welfare, including their psychological and relationship health, have been shown to experience significant direct benefits such as lower absenteeism, higher productivity and lower attrition, as also indirect benefits through better morale and increased effectiveness, as staff are able to work at their best when their energies are not spent on emotional/relational or psychological issues.

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